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The European Commission’s Competence Centre on Microeconomic Evaluation (CC-ME) was founded on May 19, 2016 to support the evaluation function in the European Commission. CC-ME is part of Unit JRC.I.1 ‘Modelling, Indicators & Impact Evaluation Unit’.

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Crie tool
The Centre for Research on Impact Evaluation (CRIE) is part of the Competence Centre on Microeconomic Evaluation (CC-ME)  and provides scientific expertise and methodological support on Counterfactual Impact Evaluation (CIE) to the Directorate General Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL) and Member States for the impact evaluations of interventions funded through instruments managed by DG EMPL, namely the European Social Fund (ESF).
Evalsa tool
The State Aid Modernisation (SAM) package, launched in 2012, foresees specific provisions for the evaluation of State Aid Schemes. In this context, the JRC.I1.CCME supports DG COMP in the quality assessment of the methodological approach, analysis and result, providing feedback on evaluation reports that Member States submit to the Commission to ensure that results are taken into account in the design of future aid measures.